ABBA - Move On, аккорды

Tune your guitars down 1/2 step! (Eb,Bb,Gb,Db,Ab,Eb)

Intro chords:  E  B  C#m  G#m  E  B  C#m  F#  B  Bsus4  B  Bsus4  B

VERSE 1 (speaking voice): (B)They say a restless (E)body can (F#)hide a peaceful (B, Bsus)soul. (B)A voyager and a (E)settler, they (F#)both have a (B, Bsus)distant goal
(B)If I explore the (E)heavens, or (F#)if I search (B)inside
Well, it really doesn't (E)matter as (F#sus)long as (F#)I can tell myself,  I've always tried (B)

CHORUS:  Like a roller in the (E)ocean, life is motion
Move on (B)
Like a wind that's always (F#)blowing, life is (C#m)flowing
Move (G#m)on
Like the sunrise (B)in the (E)morning, life is dawning
Move (B)on
How I treasure every (F#)minute
Being (C#m)part (Ebm7))of it, being in it
With the (F#)urge to (F#7)move (Bsus)on

VERSE 2: I've travelled every country, I've travelled in my mind
It seems we're on a journey, a trip through space and time
And somewhere lies the answer
To all the questions why
What really makes the difference
Between all dead and living things, the will to stay alive


VERSE 3: The morning breeze that ripples the surface of the sea. The crying of the seagulls that hover over me
I see it and I hear it, But how can I explain
The wonder of the moment
To be alive, to feel the sun that follows every rain


Ebm7: x68686
C#m: x46654
G#m: 466444
Bsus4: x24452
F#sus4: 244422
F#: 244322