Alice In Chains - Man In The Box, аккорды

Here's my first attempt at doing tab, so if you have any problems with 
what I've done, e-mail me at [email protected]

Man in the Box
by Alice in Chains
>From Facelift
Tuning: Eb, Ab, Db, 
Verse x? |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| x3 |--------------|------------------|---------------| |*------------*|------------------|---------------| |*------------*|----------------5-|-----5---5-7---| |---0-----0-0--|---0-----0-0-5h7--|---0---0-------| Pre-Chorus Build Up to Chorus x3 |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| |------------------|------------------|--------------|---------------| |*-----------------|-----------------*|*------------*|---------------| |*-----1-1-2-2-3-3-|-----2-2-1-1-0-0-*|*------------*|---------------| |--3-3-------------|-3-3--------------|---0-----0-0--|-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-| Chorus (ad lib this progression, cuz I can't follow exactly what he does) x4 |------------|---------------|-------------|--------------| |*-----------|---------------|-------------|-------------*| |*-----------|---------------|--5-5--5-5-5-|-------------*| |--0-----0---|--3----3-3-3-3-|-------------|--5-5--5-5-5--| For the solo, just repeat everything, the only change coming in the Pre-Chorus. For that you just play E|-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-| four times with same rhythm. That's about it...this tab is hardly perfect, and I know where my errors are, I just don't know the correct way to play them, but it sounds decent when you play it. Any corrections would be greatly appreciated, etc. Nutshell by Alice in Chains >From Jar of Flies Tuning: Eb, Ab, Db,
It basically repeats this over and over again, with little improvUs to it. x2 |----------7-5-|------------5-| |--5-5---------|*------------*| |------7-7-----|*------------*| |--------------|--------------| the next part alternates between these two things |-5-5-5-5--5---| |-7-5----------| |--------------| or |-----7-5--5---| |------------7-| |------------7-| |--------------| |--------------| You can also play it one octave lower, starting on the third fret of the
string. I can't decide which I think sounds better, so you decide for yourself which you'd rather play. Angry Chair by Alice in Chains >From Dirt Tuning: Eb, Ab, Db,
Drums start it, then the guitar, then the bass comes in when the guitar puts on distortion. Verse Pre-Chorus x? x4 |--------------|---------------------| |*------------*|*-------------------*| |*------------*|*-------------------*| |--000---0--0--|--1-1-1-1--0-0--/5--| Chorus x4 |------------------|---------------------| |*-----------------|--------------------*| |*-0-0-2-22--------|--------------------*| |---------2-2-3-33-|--555--777-0----/5--| ^bend three times For the solo, play the pre-chorus, the only change being the first three times you play it, bend the
three times, and on the fourth, hold the bend as usual. Well, that's it for now. Any Questions, Comments, etc. just e-mail me at [email protected]