Авторские песни - Impossible Crush (Pov) - by Maia Kristensen, аккорды

G                                         C
I've got a poster of you on my bedroom door,
it's weird to think I bought it somewhere online,
but I look at it every night

G                                              C                                                 Em*
And I have a Pinterest board dedicated to pictures of your face-
But hopefully not in a creepy way

Em                     D                          C
Sometimes I forget that you're not really in my life,
Em                           D                    C
and everything we are is in my mind

C         G                     Em               D
I don't know what love is like or if I've ever felt it,
C                         G
but when I look at you my hands start shaking,
Em       D      C              G               Em      D
knees are weak and heart is racing a hundred beats per minute
C                  G                                Em
and it feels wrong that you don't know me like I know you,
D                                      C
I'm stuck outside the window
cause it's your world,
Em           D    C        G       Em
but I'd give anything to be living in it

D          C   G   Em
But you don't know who I am
D            G
So I'll always be just a fan
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