Bogle Eric - Dedication Day, аккорды

               DEDICATION DAY

CAPO 1ST FRET , all chord positions are relative to capo.
Eg. G= G#   D=Eb  C=C#

Key of G#
I think? Eric plays it in 4/4 timing, but 3./4 timing works well also. Before you come into the first 
try creating a little run on the C chord I tend to do something like pick the B string then the G , D pulloff 
a hammer-on , G ,D pulloff. Just anything that will lead you into the first verse.

G  D  C
G  D  C

Verse 1

G                 D                 C
August in Mildura, and winters on the run,
G                                     D                         C                              D
there?s an early taste of springtime, in the warm mid-morning sun.
G				        D                      C
As the men marched past from first to last, the crowds cheer everyone,
  Am                                                D       Am                 D               G
 and war seems somehow very far away, on this sunny dedication day.

G		            D                     C
They marched to a memorial, built by and for their own,
G  		         D                     C                               D
a simple wall of remembrance of brick and steel and stone.
G                                              D                                 C
With the names inscribed of those that died and to those that had made it home,
  Am                                              D        Am                                   D          
 with a debt of love and honor to repay, had all gathered there on dedication day.


G           D        C
It?s dedication day,
G           D         C
It?s dedication day.

Verse 2
G                                               D                        C
There was a concert held that evening me and others sang our songs,
G                                              D                                        C                  
while the boys drank beer and reminisced, laughed and clapped and sang along.
G                                              D                       C
As I was standing there with my guitar, just waiting to go on,
Am                                                                              D                      Am  
                        D              G
 a man grabbed my arm and said please would you play a, song for my mate Hans this dedication day.

Verse 3
G                                    D                             C
He asked me to sing welcome home, and I saw tears in his eyes,
G                              D                         C                       D
 I knew there was a story there, but I did not want to pry.
                      G                                   D                                C
And then he said to me, I want that song you see, for this morning my mate died,
Am                                                                    D           Am                       
D             G
faced with his grief there was nothing I could say, so I sang for Hans on dedication day.

G          D          C
It?s dedication day
G          D          C
It?s dedication day

(Piano solo)

Verse 4
G                                             D                   C
They say that Hans took his own life, but I don?t know if that?s true,
G                         D                                  C                       D
but if it is that?s no surprise, too many Vietnam vetrans do.
G                                                    D                                     C
Only those who were there, can know the despair and the pain that he went through,
Am                                                     D                       Am                          
for who can understand it more than they, those who knew the cost of dedication day

Verse 5
G                                             D                         C
Though that Asian wars long over, there still burying their dead
       G                                        D             C                       D
yet somehow the bond grows stronger, with each broken thread
G                                  D                           C
What poison stole and two hands sold to taint the years ahead
Am                                             D                       Am                           D      
In that war so long ago and far away until they died of wounds on dedication day.

G    D    C
G    D    C


G          D         C
It's dedication day
G          D          C
It's dedication day

(Repeat until fade out)

Any corrections or comments would be much appreciated,