Bowie David - Diamond Dogs, аккорды

Diamond Dogs-David Bowie



As they

A                        |                      |E                      |
pulled you out of the oxygen tent           you asked for the latest par ty 
crawlin down the alley on your hands & knees I'm sure your not protected for it's 

E                        |D                     |D                      |
ty              with your silicone hump & your 10 inch stump 
plain to see        the Diamond Dogs are poachers and they hide behind trees

A                             |                            |
Dressed like a priest you was  Todd Brownings freak you was
Hunt you the ground the will   Mannequins with kill appeal

E                        |                      |G                      |
Come on       I'll keep a friend serene          Come on        oh baby

G                        |A                     |                       |
 Come unto me              come on      well she's come been and gone

D                        |                         |
       Come out of the garden baby  

A                        |                         |
  You'll catch your death in the fog      Young girl..

B                        |D                        |
.....               they call them the Diamond Dogs...

A                        |                         |
.....                                     Young girl...

B                        |D                        |A      back to verse
.....               they call them the Diamond Dogs...

Fade out
E                        |                         |
                     call    them the Diamond Dogs...

A                        |                         |