Boyzone - Everyday I Love You, аккорды

I really adore this song by Boyzone & was surprised no one tabbed it
yet...i suppose the first question should be has anyone even HEARD of
Boyzone....  I think that all of these pathetic boybands, they really do
stand out as the best in present times..... & I'm a hard rock & alternative
rock fan so go figure... good music is good music no matter what genre..... 

ok now about this song: I just had trouble with ONE line which just
happens to be the title of the song....i can't figure out the chord
for it at all!!!! Forgive me, i've only been playing 4 months & even
that's without a tutor..... 

I usually play it with a 'D' chord so I've got a *D there saying i
have no idea if it's right.....although i'm pretty sure it isn't..... 
if anyone knows what it is, could you please email me at  ? 

Thanks a million, enjoy the song- it's a beauty 

           D                 G 
I don't know, but I believe 
           A                                  D 
That some things are meant to be 
                       G                     A 
And that you'll make a better me 
Everyday I love you 

                D                                    G 
I never thought that dreams came true 
               A                             D 
But you showed me that they do 
                      G                            A 
You know that I learn something new 
Everyday I love you 

G                           D 
'Cos I believe that destiny 
 A                  D 
 Is out of our control (don't you know that I do) 
                   G               D 
And you'll never live until you love 
          G                         A 
With all your heart and soul. 

(same pattern) 
It's a touch when I feel bad 
It's a smile when I get mad 
All the little things I am 
Everyday I love you 

'Cos I believe that destiny 
Is out of our control (don't you know that I do) 
And you'll never live until you love 
With all your heart and soul 

(pretty fill in music now:  G G A) 

            D                        G 
If I asked would you say yes 
                A                    D 
Together we're the very best 
                  G                A 
I know that I am truly blessed 

Everyday I love you 

  G                              A 
And I'll give you my best 
Everyday I love you