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Bread - Ann, аккорды

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Date: Thu, 4 Dec 1997 11:43:06 -0600
From: Daniel Gayt?n Guzm?n 
Subject: CRD: b/bread/ann.crd

by Bread
Written by David Gates

Transcriber: Daniel Gayt?n
This is how I play Ann:

G C  G C  G C  G C
G C Em7  G     C  Em7   G C Em7  G C Em7
Ann a-sleepin' on my bed
G C  Em7  G        C    Em7   D
Hair a-tumblin' 'round your head
C        G/G          Em
You will always be a part of me
         C                       Am7
When I look in your eyes... it's my
reflection I see

G C Em7 G     C   Em7   G C Em7  G C Em7
Ann I wonder how you knew
   G C Em7 G       C   Em7  D
I needed someone just like you
C        C/G           Em
Were you on a beam of guiding light
      C                   Am7
That came in my life... late that
    D        G
September night.

C                    G
And though I try to hold back the years
C                  G
I cannot hold the dawn
C                 G
And so I try to hold back the tears
       C       Am7          D
When love has grown up and gone...

G C Em7   G         C   Em7  G C Em7 G C Em7
Ann I'll love you 'till I die
     G C  Em7  G        C Em7 D
And when you hear this lullabye
C        C/G                   Em
I'll be with you though we're far apart
     C                     Am7
And you'll be with me... right here inside
my heart.

Daniel Gayt?n Guzm?n