Bruno Mars - I Was Only Dancing, аккорды

 F                          C            Dm
You know I'd never try to break your heart, no (x5) 
It's unfair, I was just 
standing there
     F                        C       Dm     
Oh well there’s no need for us to fall apart oh (x5)
She grabbed my hand, I'd 
Bb                  Gm 
thought you'd understand Ooh. 
But in your pretty eyes, I saw your heart 
C         F                    C               Dm
dropped but No It's not what it looks like, I promise you 
I was only dancing 
Bb              F               C                        
I was only dancing Ooh No need to get jealous Girl 
keep your cool I was only 
Dm    Bb
dancing I was only dancing
   F C Dm Bb
Oh I swear!!!