Buffett Jimmy - Cheeseburger In Paradise, аккорды

Jimmy Buffett: Cheeseburger In Paradise
Tabber:Justin Rudolph/musicman
Standard tuning

^= shorter than normal/  ---=hold out   

       4 times fast                      4 times fast                       4 times fast        ^ ^
Intro=         Bm               A---                 Bm            G---                     Bm        A A   D----

     Verse 1:                        A
                      G        (car-never-us)     D    G                        A                       D
Tried to amend my carnivorous habits. Made in nearly seventy days,
                     G                          A               D                     E    
losin weight without speed, eatin' sun flower seeds, drinkin' lots of carrot juice and
A                                             G             A                  D                     G                       A                       Bm
soakin' up rays. But at night I'd have these wonderful dreams: some kind of sensuous treat.
             G              D                G                        D               G                           D         A                    D   4 times fast   ^ ^
Not zucckini,fettucini, or bulgar and whaeat, but a big warm bun and a huge hunk of meat                   Bm    AA D--

     Chorous 1&2
G            A             D               G                A                     D
 Cheeseburger in paradise.(Heaven on earth in an onion slice.)     
G                   A              D                                G              D             A             D 
 Not too particular, not to precise. I'm just a  cheeseburger in paradise.             
    ( )=(Medium rare with mustard'd be nice). 2nd time through

    Chorous 3
.....Cheese burger in paradise.Makin the best of every
     virtue and vice.Worth every damn bit of sacrafice to get a  (to coda)

     Verse 2: 
Heard about the old time sailor men,
They eat the same thing again and again;
Warm beer and bread they said could raise the dead.
Well, it reminds me of a menu ata Holiday Inn.
Times change , sailors these days,
When i come to port I get what I need.
Not just Havanas or bananas or daiquiris,
But that American creation on which I feed!
Chorous then straight to bridge

    Bridge/No Chord just a beat
I like mine with lettuce and tomato, Heinz 57 and french fried potatoes.
Big kosher pickle and a cold draft beer.Well, good god all mighty which 
way do I steer for my (to chorous 3)

G          D             A          D               G          D             A          D                  G          D              A            D
cheeseburger in paradise; to be a cheeseburger in paradise. I'm just a cheeseburger in paradise.

play the Intro to end.