Chris LeDoux - God Must Be A Cowboy, аккорды

 G                  C         
a campfire, some coffee 
 C                                  G   G7   
Sure warms the fingers when it's cold...  
 G              C             
a-playin' an old guitar 
   G                 G7        
А friend I under- stand 
 A7                                 D   D7   
Sure smoothes the wrinkles in my soul...  
    G                 C            
А sleepin' in the moonlight 
   G                G7       
А blanket for my bed  
 C                                 G  G7   
Leaves a peaceful feelin' in my mind...  
 G                  C           
Wakin' up in the mornin'  
         G             Em       
with an eagle over- head 
          G                D         D7    G        
Makes me want to fly a- way be- fore my time  
             G                    G7    C        
And I think God must be a cow- boy at heart 
         D           D7                G   D7   
He made wide open spaces from the start...  
Unmatched or embedded brackets, or chord too long.
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