Chris LeDoux - Hooked On An 8 Second Ride, аккорды

Verse 1:
 E                 G   
Rollin' down a long highway 
 A                   G   
Out through New Mexico 
 E                    G   
Driftin' down to Santa Fe 
            A          G   
To ride a bull in a rodeo 
 E                    G   
He's hooked on a feelin 
 A                        G   
Addicted to a natural high 
 E                       G   
Don't know why its appealin 
All he knows is he's got to ride 
 C          D        E   
Hes addicted to danger 
 C              D        E   
Ruled by passion and pride 
     C          D             E   
To pain and fear hes no stranger 
          C                    D   
But his lust needs to be satisfied 
 C              D        E  (repeat intro) 
Hooked on an 8 second ride 
Verse 2:
 E                       G   
Getting hooked up in back of the chutes 
 A               G   
Makes the rosin burn 
 E                            G   
Hes got his spurs on the heels of his boots 
            A               G   
Hes at the point of no return 
 E                      G   
Climbin' over that shoot gate 
 A                  G   
He settles down inside 
 E               G   
The tensions risin 
But he cant wait 
untill they turn that bull outside 
(Repeat Chorus) 

 A                      E   
Hooked on an 8 second ride 
 A                       E   
Hooked on an 8 second ride