Cold - Bleed, аккорды

verse 1st time through:                    speed up alil hre


Thats the only time in the song where you'll play the verse
in that arangment.  all other times you'll go straight form 
the 5~7 into this.(im putting the 5~7 as a reference point, 
keep in mind you only play it once.)


then after that u just start over again on the verse however many times u need to.
This next part is the only part im ifie about... It's the chorus and if somebody 
out there see's a error please let me know!!  Anyway here it is...(again 5~7 leads
into this so again its a reference point do not play it twice.) 


on the chorus the 5~7 in () is only played at the end of each chorus not leads straight into the verse just like before...well there
you have it!!!  It should sound about the same though not as deep as the 
original it still has the same tune.  If you have any corrections or discover
 any errors please send me an instand message...  my screen name is cbuks89.
thanks abunch and enjoy