Cranberries - Everything I Said, аккорды

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Artist : Cranberries
Song   : Everything I Said


E flatmaj7 Gm/D A flatsus2 B flat/D

E flatmaj7 Gm A flat B flat
It makes my lonely, it makes me very lonely when I see you here waitin' on

Repeat until slightly before 'Cause if I died tonight, then:

A flatmaj7 Cm Gm/D
'Cause if I died tonight, would you hold my head, 

B flat/F A flatmaj7 Cm
would you understand? and if I lied

Gm/D B flat/F
in spite, would you still be here, no, would you disappear?

then these chords repeat until the end of the song:

E flatmaj7 Gm A flat B flat