Crowded House - Hole In The River, аккорды

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Hole in the River
(N. Finn/ E. Rayner)


-- For the intro, if you sit on an Em chord on the 7th fret (X79987),
you can find your way around the main melody line of the keyboard that
Eddie Rayner is playing.  (The guitar part at that point is just doing
that damped string/percussive thing, so when playing it alone on an
acoustic, it helps to play around on the Em.)

-- The psychedelic instrumental break is composed entirely on C#m (a
last-minute idea from Nick Seymour that saved this song from being
scrapped.)  All the fun stuff is going on in the keyboards, while the
guitar just sits on that one chord.  I would suggest creating a guitar
solo for this section (which is what Neil does when it's performed

INTRO:  Keyboard doodling around Em

                      C    D                A     Em
There's a hole in the river where my auntie lies
                     C     D               A      Em
From the land of the living to the air and sky
                    C    D                 A      Em
Left her car by the river left her shoes beside
                           C     D           Am
Through the thorns and the bushes I hope she was ...

Am/G*         Am/F#*
Dreaming of glory
B      Am       Am/G          Am/F#
Miles above the mountains and plains
B       Am   Am/G   Am/F#
Free at last

We were touched by a cold wind, my father and I
The sound of desperate breathing her fear inside us all
She was coming to see him but something changed her mind
Drove her down to the river
There is no return

[INSTR. BREAK:  Keyboards based around C#m chord]

Gtr. solo:

4--7--9-9--7--|-4--7--9----|-4--7--9-9----|-4--7--9-|| Am  Am/G  Am/F#

B  Am  Am/G  Am/F#

There's a hole in the river where a memory lies
From the land of the living to the air and sky
She was coming to see him
But something changed her mind,
drove her down to the river
There is no return

Instr. to fade:  C#m


Am/G   302210
Am/F#  202210

(Transcription by Marck Bailey)