Deep Purple - It's All Over, аккорды

F   Gm7        Dm7
Outside her window 
A#                       F          C  F 
That's where I am every night and every day 
C         Dm7
But outside her window 
G          C
I cry, I cried my life away F
There's a jukebox a-playin' 
A#             Bdim7
A half a block down 
F            C
Singing I'm going to the river 
Dm7        A#
I'm gonna jump on in and drown 
F                 C
But I ain't gonna Do it, no 
F                 A#
Just gonna keep on hanging around 
F           C
Oh it's all over 
        Dm7   A#
Oh it's all over 
F        C
All over 
Dm7        F
Now, now, now, now But outside her window 
А pretty bird comes to play 
And I know, I know I must have cried a teardrop 
Because I scared that pretty little thing right on away 
When I see two young lovers 
Walkin' down the street 
It just hits me 
When I see their two lips meet 
Oh I put my head 
Right over where my heart used to be, 'cos It's all over 
Oh don't tell me it's all over 
It's all over 
Now, now, now, now