Deep Purple - Anyones Daughter (crd), аккорды

 Well, I stood under your bedroom window
 Throwing up a brick
 No one came I threw one more
 That really did the trick
 Your daddy came and banged my head
 He said what kind of man
 Is this that`s hanging `round my girl
 And threw me in the car
 You`re a farmer`s daughter
 You`re a farmer`s daughter
 Why do I always get
 The kinda girl I didn`t oughta get
 C                   G/B
 I won`t get no more eggs and water
 Am                Em
 Now I`ve laid the farmer`s daughter
     (piano break in G, same chords as above)
 Imagine I was a full-grown man
 And I could talk just right
 Could I come and see you here
 And do this every night
 Wham!  The door comes crashing down
 Your daddy`s face all pale
 Says come with me you hairy bum
 I`ll put you in my jail
 You`re a judge`s daughter
 You`re a judge`s daughter
 Why do I always get
 The kinda girl I didn`t oughta get
 C               G/B
 Now I`m getting jail and torture
 Am                 Em
 `Cause I made the judge`s daughter
 (Spoken: Yes I did. It was nice.)
 (guitar break)
 C                          G/B
 It seems they`re screaming law and order
 Am             Em
 When I go with anyone`s daughter
 Woman I should like some peace
 And daddy hold your tongue
 I think you`re gonna die of fright
 When I tell you what I`ve done
 I can hear your tales and lies
 You say I`m dumb and scraggy
 But man this dumb and scraggy is
 Your daughter`s baby`s daddy
 She`s a lucky daughter
 Such a lucky daughter
 Why did I always get
 The kinda girl I didn`t wanna get
 C                   G/B
 Now I`ve got what I always fought for
 Am                    Em
 `Cause I`ve married a rich man`s daughter
 (Spoken: Waddaya think of that?)
 Chords picked by Kartsa Ahokas, Helsinki, Finland
 (e-mail: kahokas@cc.Helsinki.FI (Kari T Ahokas))
 This little gem was drawn out of some dusty closet for their 1993 tour, and
 has been kept in their show on the current (1994) tour with Satriani
 replacing Blackmore on guitar.                         - Trond.