Don Lange - Allende, аккорды

C  G
The nighthawk flies and the owl cries as we’re driving 
down the road. 
Am  Em  F  G
Listening to the music on the all night radio show, 
C  G
The announcer comes on says if you’ve got ideas I’ll file 
the patent for you, 
Am  Em  F  G
What’s an idea if it’s not in the store makin’ a buck or two. 
C  G
We drive to the town but the shutters are down 
and the all-night restaurant’s closed 
Am  Em  F  G
It’s the land of the free, we’ve got booze and T.V. 
and there’s tramps in the telephone booths. 
C  G
The stars and the trees and the early Spring breeze 
say forget what assassins have done, 
Am  Em  F  G
Take our good soil in the palm of your hands and wait 
for tomorrows sun. 
F  G  C
Its a long way from the heartlands 
F  G
to Santiago bay 
Am  Em
Where the good doctor lies with blood in his eyes 
F  D  C  A
and the bullets read U.S.of
C  G
А  truck driver’s wife she leads a rough life he spends his life 
on the road. 
Am  Em  F  G
Carrying the goods all the copper and wood thats 
what makes America great, 
C  G
But the dollars like swallows they fly to the South 
where they know they’ve got something to gain, 
Am  Em  F  G
Allende is killed, and the trucks are soon rolling again. 
C  G
The nighthawk flies and the owl it cries as we’re driving 
down the road, 
Am  Em  F  G
The full moon reveals all the houses and fields 
where good people do what they’re told, 
C  G
Victor Jara he lies with coins in his eyes there’s 
no one around him to mourn, 
Am  Em  F  G
Who needs a poet who won’t take commands who’d rather 
make love than make war.