Doobie Brothers - Listen To The Music, аккорды

Listen to the music (The Doobie Brothers)


D  D  G  G(sus4) [4 x]

D                                 G   Gsus4  G  D                                Bm
Don't you feel it growing, day by day,          people are getting ready for the news
         A               G                                  D    G  Gsus4  G
Some are happy, some are sad, oh, we're gonna let the music play
D                                           G    Gsus4  G  D                                  Bm
What the people need is a way to make them smile,         it ain't so hard to do if you know how
             A                  G                                          D
Got to get a message, get it on through, lord, now mamma, don't you ask me why

     Bm                G           Bm                G
Oohohooh, listen to the music, oohohooh, listen to the music
     Bm                G              E    G  G  Gsus4
Oohohooh, listen to the music, all the time

D  D  G  Gsus4 [2 x]

D                                        G   Gsus4  G  D                            Bm
Well I know, you know baby, everything I say,          meet me in the country for a day
         A               G                                       D   G  Gsus4  G
We'll be happy and we'll dance, oh, we're gonna dance the blues away
    D                                                     G  Gsus4  G  D                                Bm
And if I'm feeling good to you and you're feeling good to me,          there ain't nothing we can do or say
        A             G                            D
Feeling good, feeling fine, oh baby, let the music play


D                   C     G                            D
Like a lazy flowing river,  surrounding castles in the sky
                         C       G
And the crowd is growing bigger, listening for the happy sounds, gonna have to let them go

RefrAin [3 x and fade out]

h = hammer on
p = pull off

I seriously doubt that this is 100% or even 50% correct but it does sound very very close to the CD
Here it is a rather ok version if I say so myself.  ENJOY!!!

      __            aaa      ccc
     |_)|              a    c   c
    /  /            aaaa    c    
   |_ |      	   a   a    c   c
  / |             aaaaa     ccc h
 |  *  |>  w       w     t       h
   _/    w   w   w    ttt      hhh
   |. |     w w w w      t       h  h
  /. /       w   w        tt     h  h
  _/   //////////////^