Doors - Wintertime love, аккорды

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 Subject: CRD: Wintertime Love
 Date: 9 Dec 92 00:36:46 GMT
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 Hello all,
 	Since its winter and the Doors are my favorite band, here is a little
 Known Doors classic.
 				Wintertime Love
 			  from Waiting for the Sun
 				by The Doors
 Into:  D  A  E  A
 	Em7	    D         F          C
 	Wintertime winds blow cold this season
 	Dm          F       Bb       A
 	Fallin in love I'm hopin to be
 	Em	    D        F        C
 	Wind is so cold, is that the reason	
 	Dm	     F          Bb            A     E   A
 	Keeping you warm, your hands touching me
 	G               D        D7
 	Come with me, dance, my dear
 	F#		       Bm
 	Winter's so cold this year
 	G           A        G          A       D   A   E   A
 	You are so warm, my wintertime love to be
 Additional verse:
 	Wintertime winds blue and freezin
 	Comin from northern storms in the sea
 	Love has been lost, is that the reason
 	Trying so desperately to be free
 Little known but one of my favorite Doors tunes.
 BTW if anyone has chords for Who do you love by George Thorogood
 Or for Wild Thing by the Troggs I'd appreciate them
 I know they are easy songs but my tin ear can't pick out anything.
 -Mike	     |  I am the Lizard King
 	     |   I can do anything
 	     | 			- James Douglas Morrison