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Edguy - Lavatory love machine, аккорды

Музыка и слова: Tobias Sammet

Вступление: Em | C | G D Em D > 2 раза

Oh if only Brazil was not so far
Em                                C 
Far away I would swim or walk or ride
     G     D   Em   D   
But never ever fly

But all the noise of the maniacs there
The seat on my face it's worth to bear
C            G     D         Em  D  
But I don't wanna bounce and die

But then I see a lady in a tight blue dress
I close my eyes, I know what I would go for
  G    D      C         G         
Stewardess before the crash

	 C                G
	Lavatory love machine
	No fear can quell my steam
	C                 G
	Lavatory live machine
	No cabin fire burn my dream

I'm at you disposal
I gotta get up to see what you ain't gotta hide
Wheeling junk along the aisle
Keep your seat belt fastened
You're whipping with an iron voice
You command
Uh mistress I am in your hands

And when she asks me what I'd like to eat
I realise the domina feels the same
And I reply... What about your pie?


	Lavatory love machine
	No broken wings to stop me stream
	Lavatory love machine
	Honey do you like the way I cream?!

Now if I gotta die
I'll have been stiff and smiling till the crash
Let them know I've been alive
Till I made my final splash


Don't hear those scary noises
From the turbine when you scream