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Егор Лаптев - The Russian Story, аккорды

          A                 C       G              A
In the nineteen seventeen darkness fell upon the world
         A             C          G                    A
Clever Devil went to Russia to complete his brilliant goal
         D                 C              D             A
He was ruthless, he was bright like the Devil meant to be
        D               C              G              A
And he saw the Russian Tsar was not strong as used to be

So, he said to comrade Lenin shall we do a little trick
With your brother, we together break this country brick by brick
So, the Tsar and all his house join me in underworld 
Russia is the northern county I will save them from the cold

Lenin wasn't thinking straight he had problems of his own
Nadia was his lovely wife but in bed a little slow
They have tried so many doctors, they have tried exotic poses
But no matter what they’ve tried Lenin’s dick refused to rose

So, to take his mind away from the marital issues
Lenin said to Devil straight I will help you with this blues 
I will lie to all my people I will lie to governments
There will be a revolution to throw Tsar over the fence

So, he promised lands to peasants and he promised plants to prols 
And to honour their agreement Devil's got him winning polls
Royals promptly got arrested, sent to prison and then killed
Civil war raged for five years, Devil's had the best of thrills

But Great Leader was degrading, brain was melting in the dark
Nadia sexually frustrated hoping still to find her fuck
So, the Devil wasn't blind he said comrade time to move
Let’s give power to Stalin to improve the slacking groove 

Nadia was too busy searching for the happiness in bed
So, she said I’d like the challenge if you help me to get laid
Lenin suddenly got poisoned went to hell to seal his fate
Stalin swiftly got promoted and got rid of all his mates

There's no end to Russian story even to the present day
Devil’s still polluting waters for the Russians to fall prey
He invented Perestroika, got the West what it deserved
But the God and Holy Mother are keep protecting Russian herd... 

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