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Europe - Settle For Love, аккорды

Intro: Em Bm Em Bm Am G D (2x)

(the D chord is alternated with Dsus4 throughout the song)
Em Bm Em Bm
Don?t misunerstand me
Am G D
I was just a little kid
Em Bm Em Bm
Thinkin? that the street life
Am G D
Was the only way to live

Am Bm
Always holdin? out for another thrill

F#m C#m Bm
We?ve come a long long way
F#m C#m Bm
So tell me why can?t we settle for love
F#m C#m Bm
Is it that hard at the end of the day?
A E Bm
Tell me why can?t we settle for love
A E Bm
Before it?s too late

Verse 2:
Whatever it is you thing you?re missin?
Time to let your heart Go
Cause when you walk this kind of distance
We can?t fool each other anymore

Pre-chorus 2:
Maybe there is a light that won?t Go out...,

Solo rhytm/Final chorus: G#m D#m C#m (3x)
                         B F# C#m