Harper Ben - Beloved One, аккорды

Ben harper  

Beloved one tab        (the one on the Mars cd….the one on the cd sounds like  
hes having an orgasm the whole time and its kinda lame but the acoustic  
guitar one is good) 

TABBED BY :  BRIAN KING (the one in Costa Mesa, ca by the bluffs) 


C/G    D   G  B/G     Em   
C/G    D   Em   Em 


C/G    G   B/G  G    D  C/G    G   D   C/G   G     D 

Chords used 

C/G  x32033 
G      320033 
D      xxo233  (hammer a little or some shit) 
Em   022033 
B/G?   2x0233 

You can figure out the rest.  Just pluck a string here and there and u will  
have it. 
That is it!   I'm actually pretty sure and if it's a little off just play it  
like this and no one will notice.  It's actually really easy.   I suck and I  
figured it out.   Hope it's enjoyed.