Христианские песни - Glory To God, аккорды

 F                    C  F
 Glory to God in the highest 
     Bb            C         F Bb/F F
 And peace to His people on earth 
 C     C7  F
 Lord God heavenly King 
 Bb        C       F
 Almighty God and Father 
 We worship you we give you thanks 
     Bb         C        F Asus4 A
 We praise You for your glory 
 Dm          C          Bb           Dm
 Lord Jesus Christ only Son of the Father 
 Bb        C      Dm
 Lord God Lamb of God 
 Dm        C       Bb           Dm
 You take away the sins of the world 
      Bb C     Dm
 Have mercy on us 
 Dm       C             Bb                 Dm
 You are seated at the right hand of the Father 
 Bb  C        Dm   C
 Receive our pray'r 
      F                 C
 For you alone are the Holy One 
 F                  C
 You alone are the Lord 
 F     C                Bb           C  C7
 You alone are the most high Jesus Christ 
           F    Dm
 With the Holy Spirit 
         Bb       C        F
 In the glory of God, the Father 
 Bb F Fsus4 F