Jesus And Mary Chain - Cherry Came Too, аккорды

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From: jspencer@Newbridge.COM (John Spencer)
Subject: CRD: Cherry Came Too, the Jesus and Mary Chain
Date: Tue, 3 Oct 1995 18:29:00 -0400 (EDT)

Cherry Came Too
by the Jesus and Mary Chain, from the album Darklands
tuning:  all strings 1/2 step down (Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb)
chords and lyrics transcribed by John Spencer

(intro)   A

A                                D
When she walks towards me I feel something
E                A
Crawl beneath my skin
And all the electric stars are shining
Beneath my skin and

Cherry takes me to the place above
With barbed wire kisses and her love
We're going where the ocean's blue
B                 D            E
Kick the dust and you can come too

(repeat verse chords)
In the light of all my darkest moments
Things fall into place
And all the soft dark coloured awnings
Fall into place and

Cherry's scratching like a grain of sand
The trigger itch in the killer's hand
Me and Cherry are so extreme
Making love to the sound of a scream

  Oh Cherry honey you got me stuck on a rope
  You got me running around
  With the fear in my head for you
E            A
  And I want you

A                      D
  And I'll give you my head
E                       A
  And all the things it said
  And I'd give you my thoughts
E                         A
  If those things weren't lost
  And I'll give you my soul
E                      A
  To beat it with your pole

A      D  E    (repeat 4 times)

(same chord pattern as previous part)
I'm gonna give you my head
You could kick it dead
And I'll give you my head
Come on and kick me dead
Come on and push me down
Come on and drag me down
Oh and Cherry be bad
Come on and kiss my head


  A      x02220
  D      x54232
  E      x76454
  A(V)   577655
  B      x24442

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