Keen Jr Robert Earl - Lonely Feeling, аккорды

Robert Earl Keen Jr.
?Lonely Feeling?
Gringo Honeymoon

Capo on 5th fret.  Simplified version.

G                                 Cmaj7               G  Cmaj7
It?s a long stretch of highway at midnight in New Mexico
G                        	Cmaj7                   D
It?s a small colored light that shines from your car radio
         Cmaj7                G
It?s the old motel owner who sleeps on a cot
    Cmaj7                   D
And gives you the very last cup from his pot
G             Cmaj7                     G    Cmaj7
It?s a lonely feeling it?s what you?ve got
G             Cmaj7               G   Cmaj7
It?s a lonely feeling like it or not

It?s a crack in the sidewalk right next to a pay telephone
It?s someone?s recorder when hoping that someone is home
It?s an hour to kill to do what you please
But nobody?s up for just shooting the breeze
It?s a lonely feeling it?s like a disease
It?s a lonely feeling you pray that it leaves

It?s three men from Chile who are tired and they wanna go home
They?ve run outta money and they?re stuck up in East Oregon
So you give them the small bit of change in your hand
You try to speak Spanish but they don?t understand
It?s a lonely feeling it gets to a man
It?s a lonely feeling that runs through the land

It?s your best friend from high school who sees you and wishes you well
You try to break through but you run outta stories to tell
So you bid him goodbye and you step into space
There?s so many questions that you cannot face
It?s a lonely feeling taking his place
It?s a lonely feeling you just can?t erase

It?s a statue of Jesus your grandmother had when she died
All cracked and all yellow and you know you should throw it aside
But you?re growing religious the older you get
You haven?t been saved but it could happen yet
It?s a lonely feeling full of regret
It?s a lonely feeling won?t let you forget

It?s a bus stop, a street cop, an old dog, the new kid, a bum
It?s fright and rejected, neglected and blind after dawn (wrong words)
But you look in the mirror and you?re still hanging in
It?s there to remind you how lucky you?ve been
It?s a lonely feeling now and again
It?s only a feeling that comes now and then.