Lefty Frizzell - Saginaw Michigan, аккорды

 G                 D7        G                 
I was born   in Saginaw Michigan   
        C         G                  D7  
I grew up in a house on Saginaw Bay 
              G                           C  
My dad was a poor hard working Saginaw fisherman 
          G                    D7             G  
Too many times he came home with too little pay 
                  D7        G  
I love a girl in Saginaw Michigan  
     C               G              D7  
The daughter of a wealthy wealthy man 
               G                         C  
But he called me that son of a Saginaw fisherman 
          G           D7                  G  
Not good enough to claim his daughters hand 
         C                    G  
Now I'm up here in Alaska  looking around for gold 
 D7                                      G  
Like a crazy fool I'm digging in this frozen ground so cold 
          C                                    G  
But with each new day I pray I'll strike it rich and then 
              D7                                  G  
I'll go back home and claim my love in Saginaw Michigan 
                    D7        G  
I wrote my love in Saginaw Michigan 
        C                  G                  D7  
I said Honey I'm coming home please wait for me 
                   G                      C  
You can tell your dad I'm coming back a richer man             
           G                   D7         G  
I hit the biggest strike in Klondike history 
                    D7        G  
Her dad met me  in Saginaw Michigan             
    C                     G                D7  
He gave me a great big party with champagne                         
              G                            C  
Then he said Son  you're a wise young ambitious man               
          G                       D7                  G  
Will you sell you're father in law your Klondike claim 
          C                     G  
Now he's up there in Alaska  digging in the cold cold ground         
     D7                               G  
The greedy fool is lookin' for the gold I never found       
    C                                     G  
It serves him right and no one here is missing him 
          D7                              G  
Least of all the newly weds of Saginaw Michigan 
              D7                        G  
The happiest man and wife in Saginaw Michigan