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Madonna - Live To Tell, аккорды

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From: yira@news.dorsai.org (victor perez)
Date: Tue, 11 Jul 1995 01:28:05 GMT
Subject: Madonna Live to Tell

                       Live to Tell

 From: Yira@dorsai.dorsai.org
 Date: 7/10/95

 Well here is what I figured out on my own.
 Any corrections will be welcome really appreciated

 Intro: |:Dm| |F| |:|

*For the Verses it will go like this:

 F  C   C  Gm7  C  C
 I have a tell to tell

*until you reach the chorus line which goes like this:

   Gm7              F
 A man can tell a thousand lies 
       Gm7               C
 I've learned my lesson well
         [Bb]    F
 Hope I live to tell the secret
 I have learn til then
          Dm     C       Bb   ---(bass line 2nd. time : Bb Bb C C Dm
 It will burn inside of me.

 *repeat the same chords figures of the first verse on top.

-Hold Dm for til this part comes:

            Bb           C              Dm                Am
  If I ran away , I'll never had the strength to go very far.
                 Bb          C            Am     Bb
  How will they hear , the beating of my heart_______.
                  Bb          C            Dm                Am
  Will they grow cold , the secret that I hide , will I grow old.
                 Bb                   C                      Dm
  How will they hear? When will they learn ? How will they know?