Народные и застольные песни - A Mother's Live's A Blessing, аккорды

 D     A     D  
An Irish boy was leaving 
 G     D  
Leaving his native home 
 G     D  
Crossing the broad Atlantic 
 E     A     A7  
Once more he wished to roam 
 D     A     D  
And as he was leaving his mother 
 G     D  
Who was standing at the quay 
 G     D     Bm  
She threw her arms around his waist 
 Em     A7     D  
And this to him did say 
А mother's love's a blessing 
No matter where you roam 
Keep her while she's living 
You'll miss her when she's gone 
Love her as in childhood 
Though feeble old and grey 
For you'll never miss your mother's love 
Till she's buried beneath the clay 
And as the years grow older 
I'll settle down in life 
And choose a nice young colleen 
And take her for my wife 
And as the babies grow older 
And climb around my knee 
I'll teach them the very same lesson 
That my mother thought to me