Pavement - Zurich, аккорды

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From: John N Billington 
Pavement - Zurich

Transcribed by John Billington 8-15-95 

This is in standard tuning although S.M. is
using a different tuning, this is the harmony from the Bass.  Use open
voicings for the verse and then Power chords (i.e. C = 8 10 10 x x x ) for
the chorus.  Play along for the rhythm.  The slide guitar part sounds cool
because its a bit out of tune with S.Ms guitar.  

If someone figures out
the actual tuning /voicing for this from watching his fingers at a show, 
please e-mail me.  They use this on a lot of tunes.  

Am 	G 		    C 
I can't Sing it Strong enough 
C 		      C 		  Am 
cause that kink of strength I just don't have
If you watch the lights change
don't hold them hanging 
You Think it's easy, but
you're wrong
I am not one half of the problem
          C 			   Am 
Zurich is stained and its not my fault
              F 	    C--A
Just hold me back or let me run
       (slide between C and A , frets 8 and 5) (coda) 
ba da da da..... 

What does it mean a mistake or two if its the kind of mistake no one can
trace to the fountain where we sold it and held them hanging (chorus x 2
then coda)