Pilarczyk Scott - Break My Heart, аккорды

D                G
Baby   Where you going?
D                                 G
I thought we   Had it all figured out
D					         G
Did you need more time, cause it's something I'm giving
Em	G
        or where ya ganna break my
Em	G
	Where were you ganna take my
Em	G		      D
	Please don't break my heart


Now, I feel life getting hard
We're younger now, then you thought that we are
Living my life like a big movie star
	Or where ya ganna break my
	Where were you ganna take my
	Don't mess with my heart

(pick up enthusiasm here)
Harder now then it was ever before
Keep a girl from knock'n on another mans door
Used to do it right on the kitchen floor
	Till she went and broke my
	Now she's gone and took mY
	Bitch she stepped on my heart

Some times, it seems like I'm an addiction
She keeps comeing back for another perscription
Funny sometimes how I use my diction
	To tell you how she broke my
	To tell you where she took my
	How she messed with my heart

(slow song back down here)
Lately it feels like I'm getting older
My love for her at times still can smolder
All I want to do now is just hold her
	Then I'd let her take my
	I'd even let her break my
	I'd go and give her my heart