Pilarczyk Scott - We Can Eat Gyros, аккорды

Tune is Hero's by David Bowie, but in the style of the wall flowers....
of course I play it a bit differently for legal purposes but still must
give full credit where it is due

Intro:     D	G

D		  G
I, I wish I could eat
D		      G
Small, small slabs of meat
C			       D
We'd put them, put them into a pita
C				  D
We'd eat them, there'd be nothing sweeter
C	        G         D
we could eat gyros, every day

D		 G
I, I'll get some fries
D			     G
They'll, They'll make a good side
C				     D
Cause nothing, nothing would ever go better
C	     G         D
we can eat gyros, everyday
C                     D
We can eat them every day

D    G
I, I remember
D		G
Standing in the line
D			       G
It was quater to twelve, on my lunch break
D			      G
And the line was seeming very still
C				 D
And the sign said teziqui on the side
C					     D
My break was almost threw, i thought I would die
C	     G         D
We can eat gyros every day
C            G
We can eat gyros  X2
C            G         D
We can eat gyros every day