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RadioHead - Life In A Glass House, аккорды

RADIOHEAD Life In A Glass House - unreleased  (Meeting People Is Easy)

transcription by Joey Gallagher (joeygallagher@hotmail.com)

This tab was taken from when Thom is heard sound checking it in the Meeting
People Is Easy video.

Intro     Am     Am/Ab   Am7  (the Am7 is played quickly)  (x2)

Verse 1
Am        Am/Ab               Am7    Am        Am/Ab
Once again, she is smashing up her house again,
                 Am7                Gm6    Gsus2
she is throwing things through window panes,
                        Gm6     Gsus2                  Am
she is mad at someone else again,    it is now a broken home,

Verse 2     (same chords as verse 1)

Once again, I am so low with my only friend,
he is smashing up his house again,
you are throwing things at me again,
and I'm wrecked up all inside,

Am                           Am7                 A7sus4
          Well if I stop that singing now and shout,
Am                             Am7             A7sus4
          Well if I stop that singing to you friend,
Am                              Am7
          Well if I stop that singing now and shout,
AmslideAm(3rd fret)        Am
    someone is standing there,


Verse 3   (same chords as verse 1)

There I'm home, once the feet inside shout it out,
once a beating when I make my  way out,
once a beating when I'm home inside,
there is nothing wrong at all,


Intro    (end on Am)

Chords Used

Am (x02210)    Am7 (x02010)   Gm6 (3x0330)   Gsus2 (3x0230)
A7sus4 (x02030) Am/Ab (x02110) - thanks Ian