Разные песни - Mom and Dad's Waltz, аккорды

A  E  A
I'd walk for miles, cry and smile, for my   
A  D
momma and daddy. I   
A  E  A
want them I want them to know.   
A  E  
How i feel, my love is real. for my   
A  D  E 
momma and daddy I want them to know    
E  A
I love them so.  
E  A  
in my heart joy tears start cause im happy   
E  A 
and I prey every day for Mom and Pappy  
E  A  A
and each night I'd walk for miles cry and smile  
A  D  A  E
For momma and daddy, I want them to know    
I love them so. 
 A                         E
I'd fight in wars, do all my chores  
 A                       D
for Momma and Daddy 
 A                 E
I want them to go on until their called  
 A                     E
I'd work and slave, never rave  
 A            D         A
for Momma and Daddy 
              E               A
because I know I owe them my all  
 E           A 
I love them so