Разные песни - The Lord Reigns, аккорды

     C          F6    C          F6         
 The Lord reigns, the Lord reigns 
     C                    F       C
 The Lord reigns, let the earth rejoice 
         F       C
 Let the earth rejoice 
         F       G
 Let the earth rejoice 
                   Fmaj7 Em7 Dm7
 Let the people be glad 
          G   C
 That our God reigns 
   G    G/B    C        C/E
 A fire goes before Him 
     G     G/B        C      C/E
 And burns up all His enemies 
     G     G/B       C
 The hills melt like wax 
        F               G
 At the presence of the lord 
 At the presence of the lord 
     G         G/B       C          C/E
 The heavens declare His righteousness 
     G      G/B     C    C/E
 The people see His glory 
     G      G/B      C
 For You oh Lord are exalted 
      F       G                   G7
 Over all the earth, over all the earth