Разные песни - Rejoice, аккорды

Intro: C  |  C  }4X - riff 

Verse 1:
 C        F          C                        G
 Rejoice, rejoice, a child is born new life begin 
 C          F    C               G
 The Saving One, born to us this day. 
Verse 2:
 C/E        F      C                  G
 Rejoice, rejoice, heaven's grace has come to us 
     C       F         C      G
 The King is here, our God Immanuel 
 C/E  F   C/G  G      C/E  F         G
 Hear our praises, we celebrate love come down. 
Chorus: (2X) 
 C          F       Am                  F
 Woah oh oh oh, sing out, rejoice, it's Christmas time 
 C          F       Am             G                     C riff
 Woah oh oh oh, let the bells ring out, it's Christmas time. 
Verse 3:
 Rejoice, rejoice, into the world a light has come, 
 Our hope renewed within the Saviour's love. 
Verse 4:
 Rejoice, rejoice, we echo now the angels' song 
 To praise the King, our God Immanuel. 
Bridge: 3X (Instrumental, then vocals, then vocals and riff) 
Outro: C riff over 8 bars