Разные песни - Take Your Time, аккорды

 Dm         A              F            C
Take your time, breathing in, breathing out. 
  Dm     A          F             C7
Look deeply as you say, “This is me.” 
 F           C       Dm           C
You and your breath, you and the air 
       Bb            Am         Bb         C7
As hummingbird and flower have always been together. 
 Dm          A                 F              C
Take gentle steps. Feel the ground, curl your toes. 
   Dm         A           F         C7
Is there a line between you and this path? 
 F          C        Dm        C
You and your step, you and the Earth 
    Bb             Am           Bb           C
As butterfly and blossom, have never been apart.