Разные песни - Adahille Gamanaka, аккорды

I'm reaching for the prize... 
I'm giving everything... 
I give my life for this... 
It's what I live for. 
Nothing will keep me from... 
All that you have for me... 
You hold my head up high... 
I live for you... 
Greater is He that's living in me 
Than he that is in the world. 
Faith...I can move the mountain... 
I can do all things through Christ, I know 
Faith...Standing and believing... 
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me 
 D                 E     D
 adahille gamanaka yathrawe 
      A               D
 jaya ganne nibandawa yagnawe 
   G               D
 sodisi paminiyada rala pela se // 
    Em              A      D
 penunath oruwa ada gilena se // 
      G    A        D
 nosalee sitimu api adahillen 
     G        A        D
 samindun samada apa samaga wese