Rihanna - Shut Up And Drive, аккорды

 E      B         C
I've been looking for a driver who is qualified
         F#m           B         C#   
So if you think that you're the one step into my ride
     E      B       C#
I'm fine cool supersonics fame machine
 F#m     B          C#
Fellas roll on top in a ganster lead
      E           B    C#
So if you feel it let me know know,know
  F#m          B      C#
COme on and what you're waiting for,for
 E           B      C#
My head is ready to explode,explode
 F#m   B           C#
So start me up and watch me go,go,go

      E       B
Catch your way wanna flower
if you know, what I mean
   F#m       B         C#
Got a ride that smoother than a limousine
      E           B   
Can you handle the curls can you run all the lights
         F#m           B
If you can baby boy, than we can go all night
          E     B      C#m      
Cause it's nearly sixty and three forty five
   F#m  B
Baby you got the keys
   E       B
Now shut up and drive,drive,drive
   F#m B C#
Shut up and drive

(DO stanza chords)
I got class like a fifty cent cadillac
Start over drive with a whole
Lot of boom impact
You like you can handle
What's under my hood
You keeping saying that you will boy I wish you would

Refrain 2: 
 E          B         C#
So when you're ready let me know,know,know
 F#m          B     C#      
Come on and what you're waiting for,for,for
 E              B     C#
My head is ready to explode,explode,explode
 F#m           B   C#
So start me up and watch me go,go,go

You play that game got what I got
Get it,get it don't stop, It's a short shot
Ain't a ferrari, huh boy
I'm sorry 
I ain't need to worry, so tstep inside
 E B C# F#m
And ride,ride,ride,drive
 B C#
(repeat refrain 1)
(repeat chorus)
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