Rogers Stan - Delivery Delayed, аккорды

G             D            G           D
How early is "Beginning"?  From when is there a soul?
G              D           G               D
Do we discover living, or, somehow, are we told?
A                        A#dim
In sudden pain, in empty cold, in blinding light of day
      Bm         Bm/A
We're given breath and it takes our breath away.
How cruel to unformed fancy, the way in which we come -
Over-whelmed by feeling and sudden loss of love
And what price dark confining pain, (the hardest to forgive)
When all at once we're called upon to live
(G  G/F#  Em  -  A)
By giant hand we're taken from the shelter of the womb
That dreaded firt horizon, the endless empty room
Where communion is lost forever when a heart first beats alone
Still, it remembers, no matter how it's grown
(G  G/F#  Em  -  A)
   D         D/G  D
We grow, but grow apart -
   D         D/G
We live, but more alone -
The more to be, the more to see,
To cry aloud that we are free
Bb                 A
To hide our ancient fear of being alone
And how we live in darkness, embracing spiteful cold
Refusing any answers, for no man can be told
That Delivery is delayed until at last we're made aware
And first reach for love, to find was always there.
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