Rogers Stan - Guysborough Train, аккорды

 Em                           A  
Now there's no train to Guysborough 
 D              G      C                G         Bm      
Or so the man says, so it might be a good place to be 
 Em             A          D                  G  
I sit in this station, and I count up my change 
     C           Bm             Em  A C  
And I wait for the Guysborough train 
Now I've sat in your kitchens 
And talked about walls, and I've sung about your withering pain 
Shattered your temples, and I've brought on your fall 
Now I wait for the Guysborough train 
 A                                        Em  
And I ride for all time, on the Guysborough line 
 A               C               Em  
And I grow by the North County rain 
    A                         Em             C           
And the North Shore's begun, the man I've become 
            Bm                Em  A  C  
In rags, on the Guysborough train 
No train to Guysborough 
Now ain't that a shame, though I know there will be one in time 
And the house that's alone, it soon will be gone 
Razed for the Guysborough line 
People are simple 
Like mayflower sweet, both grown by that North County rain 
The interval is clear, will it soon disappear 
Under the Guysborough train?
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