Rogers Stan - The Rawdon Hills, аккорды

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From: (Chris Butler)
Subject: CRD: Stan Rogers - The Rawdon Hills

The Rawdon Hills - Words & Music by Stan Rogers

A                   Gadd9             D7/F#          Gadd9
Worn down shacks of labour past, on a hill of broken stone
     D/F#                  Em                G                 A7
Once brought by men to the stamping mills to crush away the gold
       A7/G               Gadd9             D/F#           Ema9
But before it could pass to their sons, the glory left the hole
    G            A7                   G        D/F#
The Rawdon Hills once were touched by gold

The grandsons of the mining men scratch the fields among the trees
When the gold played out, they were all turned out with
   granite dusted knees
But at night around the stoves, sometimes the stories still unfold
How the Rawdon Hills once were touched by gold

Fma9             Em                 D/F#
Grandsons of the mining men, you'll see it in your dreams
Fma9                  Em               D                    D/C
Beneath your father's bones still lies the undiscovered seam
Of Quartzite, in a serpentine vein that marks the greatest yield
    G                                     G
And along the Midland railway, it's still told
        G            A7                   G      D
How the Rawdon Hills once were touched by gold

Eighty years has been and gone since there was color in the hole
And the careworn shades of the hard-rock men surround the old Cope lode
And through the tiny hillside farms, the miner's tales grow old
The Rawdon Hills once were touched by gold
The Rawdon Hills once were touched by gold

Gadd9: 300203
D7/F#: 200212
D/F#:  200232
A7/G:  302020
Ema9:  024100
Fma9:  122010
D/C:   x30232

(The Rawdon Hills are an area of Nova Scotia, kind of northwest of
Halifax.  Rumour has it that a long time ago, the Nova Scotia
government circulated false reports that there was a big gold
discovery there, as a plan to get more people to settle in that

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