SoulFly - Boom, аккорды

Band: Soulfly
Album: Primative
Song: Boom
Tuning: B Tuning (B, E, A, D) Low (B) - High (G)
This Transcription By: Niall 'Uncle Clitsta' ( 
formally known as clitz
note: Tuning is VITAL on this one, you must get your strings tuned to the
above for it to sound right.
this was requested so I thought I'd get the ball rolling, may not be 100%
but once someone starts off usually good corrections follow.
Doing this from memory, had it in my room pretty correct.
dont look at this and say wtf, its a strange song :P

5b  - Full Bend (in this song)
S   - Slap
x   - Dead Note
   - Slide Down
/   - Slide Up
x  - Scratch Slide
5h7 - Hammer-on
5h7b- bend on moment of hammer on 
7p5 - Pull-Off
~   - Let Note Ring

Intro (not sure what instrument it is, but it can be arr. for bass)
Tone up w/Distortion as well
    S                   S       S   S

|D|----------------------------| Bending note: these are ordinary bends
|A|*--------------------------*| you full-bend the note up and slowly
|E|*-5br(5)-x-5br(5)-x-5br(5)-*| release it back to the pitch of 5
|B|----------------------------| hense the (5) ghost note on the tab.


Chorus? (Boom Whatchu got?)

Post-Chorus 1 (unsure bout these bits) repeat with variations

Post-Chorus 2 (REALLY UNSURE)