Sugarfree - Fade away, аккорды

Verse 1: 
                 C              G                  Am      G  
Dont you ever wonder, where all your happy thoughts have gone. 
                    F       G#            Bb       C - G  
In case you dont remember, We were Peter Pans for a day. 

Verse 2: 
             C              G                     Am    G  
You said it's all in a days work,but days will turn into week. 
         F               G#            Bb                C    Csus2  
And  on and on, and on we go, till we just forget, oh we forget. 
               F            Gsus2  
There goes your world, on a train, 
   Csus2              Gsus2          Amsus2  
Catch it cause it's making it's last trip 
   Gsus2          F 
Time, dont take it away 
      G#           Bb                G    Ghold 
Dont take it away. Dont take it all, away...hey 
         Csus2                          Gsus2   Amsus2   
And We move to the left, then we move to the right 
                   Em                F     G# - Bb  
forward never backwards til the moment's gone 
       Csus2   Gsus2  
We all fade away 
   Csus2                  Gsus2                  Amsus2  
Spin around we dont make a sound,you know time keeps 
    Em             F         G# - Bb  
moving on Until our moment's gone 
We all fade away. 
Verse 3: (Repeat Verse 2 Chords)  
We cant be young forever, but that's what old men say 
JUst try to remember, We were John and Wendy yesterday..oh...hey 
Repeat the Pre-Chorus
          F              Gsus2  
Tell me who, do you recall 
        Csus2        Gsus2        Amsus2  Gsus2  
When Saturday mornings were meant for fun 
    F        G#                 Bb             Gsus2  
Oh do you remember, or have you thrown it all...Away... 
Repeat the Chorus 2 times (Except for final line) 
           C - G - Am - Em - F -  G# - Bb - C  
Then we fade away...