Teen Suicide - We Found Two Dead Swans And Filled Their Bodies With Flowers, аккорды

Intro: F Bb F Am

F               Dm    Am
i don’t want to go to sleep
Gm                  Bb C
and i don’t want to dream
F             Dm     Am
on a table or on the floor
Gm                  Bb           C
in a car outside at night in the snow

F Bb F Am

F                    Dm     Am
waking up in someone else’s bed
Gm                     Bb        C
something tells me i’m losing my head
F               Dm Am
i don’t want to leave
Gm                   Bb C
just dye my hair and sleep

F Bb F Am

Bb                        Bbm
the world is ending in my dreams
F                  Dm       Am
every week for the last few years
Bb                                  Bbm
when it really ends they’ll fill my body with flames
F                        Dm   Am
you and i will be a household name

Outro: F Bb F Am      
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