The Grand Spectacular - Being A Dickhead's Cool, аккорды

C                     Am
Got on the train from Cambridgeshire
Em                    F
Moved down to an East London flat
C                     Am
Got a moustache and a low cut vest
     Em                    F
Some purple leggings and a sailor tat
C                   Am
Just one gear on my fixie bike
      Em                   F
got a plus one here for my gig tonight
C                     Em            F
I play synth       We all play synth


C                   Am
20-20 vision just a pair of empty frames
Em                              F
Dressing like a nerd although i never got the grades
C                           Am
I remember when the kids at school would call me names
Em                         F
Now were taking over their estates woah Ho


C                   Am      Em
I love my life as a dickhead
Em     F                     C
All my friends are dickheads too
C         Am                Em                  F
come with me lets be dickheads (havent you heard?)
F                  C   Am
being a dickhead’s cool
Am                 Em  F
being a dickhead’s cool
F                  C   Am
being a dickhead’s cool
Am                 Em        F
being a dickhead’s cool cool cooooool

Polaroid app on my iphone
taking pictures on London Fields
up on the blog so everyone knows
were having new age fun, with a vintage feel
coolest kids at a warehouse rave
exclusive list look theres my name
I got in…
You couldn’t get in

never bought a pack of fags i only roll my own
plugging in my laptop at the starbucks down the road
say i work in media im really on the dole
im the coolest guy you’ll ever know
woah Ho


Loafers with no socks
Electropop meets southern hip hop
Indeterminate sexual preference
Something retro on my necklace