The Other Favorites - If I Was A Fool, аккорды

D   Gsus2   D   Gsus2 

If I was a fool and you were drunk
We'd be in the backseat making love
               Gsus2               D
But I ain't no fool, no I ain't no fool
If I was thirty-five and you were thirty-five too
We might live together on 15th Avenue
              Gsus2                        D
Baby, I ain't grown, though I'm older than you

         Em                   Gsus2                A            D
Hear the sirens moan, and the freight trains blow, I can't love you
   Gsus2   D   Gsus2

        Dsus2   D            Dsus4  D   Dsus4 D
There's nothing wrong with a little fun
    D                                             Dsus4
But fun ain't worth no heartache when the deal is done
        D     Gsus2                           D
And I'm going down to where nobody knows your name
And I can't believe how far it's gone
                 D                         Dsus2 D      Dsus4
One second I had everyone's attention, now every-body's gone
                     Gsus2                    D
And I'm thinking out loud in a dark and empty room
         Em                Gsus2          A            D
I got my heart broke, by a love note, and I can't love you

         Gsus2                  D    Dsus4 D Dsus2  D
We could run away to Calgary or Spain
         Gsus2                            D    Dsus4 D
We could burn all our records, change our names
    Bm                 Am                  Gsus2
And when they say that love don't wait for you
    Bm                     Am                   Gsus2
I'd tell them that they're wrong, that it's not true
                A  N.C.
That's what I'd do if I was a fool
D   Gsus2   D   Gsus2

D   Gsus2         D   Gsus2         D   Gsus2 
     If I was a fool   If I was a fool   If I was a fool

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