Tragically Hip - 38 Years Old, аккорды

Band: The Tragically Hip
Song: 38 Years Old
Album: Up To Here

 The rythm section goes something like this ...

 V = downstroke, ^ = upstroke, h = hammer-on, p = pull-off

    Am                                      C          D/B         G
     V     ^  V   V     ^  ^  V       V   ^  V   V   ^  V    V
 ----2-----2--2---2-----2--2--2-------0---0--0---0---0--0----0-- Repeat This! 
 ----2-----2--2---2-----2--2--2-------2---2--2---0---0--0----0-- Through Verse

 The Chorus Chord Progession is something like this....

 [C/G] Same patern on the [D] table, same [Asus2]h[Am] clock on the wall ...etc
 .. this continues until the end of the chorus

 Chord Fingerings

         6 5 4 3 2 1
 [C/G]   3 3 2 0 1 0
 [D]     X X 0 2 3 2

 by [Asus2]h[Am] I mean the following

   V    V ^ V ^

 The Bridge Chord Progression (right before 1st solo) is something like
  the following....

  [Am] See my sister got raped,  [D] So a man got killed
  [C/G]Local boy went to prison,  [D] Man's Buried on a hill ... etc

  ... repeat once more and then play rythmn section under solo

     Twelve men broke loose in '73
     From millhaven maximum security
     Twelve pictures lined up across the front page
     seems the mounties had a summertime war to wage

     the chief told the people they had nothing to fear
     the last thing they'd wanna do is hang around here
     they mostly came from towns with long french names
     but one of the dozen was a hometown shame

chorus:  same pattern on the table, same clock on the wall
         been one seat empty 18 years in all
         freezing slow time away from the world
         he's 38 years old, never kissed a girl
         he's 38 years old, never kissed a girl

     we were sittin' at the table, heard the telephone ring
     father (pa?) said he'd tell me if he saw anything
     heard the tap on the window in the middle of the night
     held back the curtains for my older brother mike

     see my sister got raped, so a man got killed
     little boy went to prison, man's buried on the hill
     folks went back to normal when they closed the case
     they still stare at their shoes when they pass our place


     my mother cried 'the horror has finally ceased'
     he whispered 'yeah, for the time being, at least'
     an' (then?) over his shoulder, on the squad car megaphone
     said 'let's go mikey, son, we're takin' you home'

chorus: same pattern on the table.....

p.s. don't forget that 'tracy chapman lilt' on the third lines of the
verses (except 'see my sister...')  at twelve, mostly, heard, over.
have fun!!!