White Zombie - More Human Than Human, аккорды

Well, this is the ONLY White Zombie I know, so no fair requesting
White Zombie. But you may request Led Zeppelin :)
    This basically has like 3 guitar parts in it as it is more of a
speed metal thingie. USE 
SLIDE. /9 = slide to note (3) = suggested note p.m. = palm muting Main riff e|---/9---(9)---/11---(11)---/13---(13)--/14/15---| B|---/9---(9)---/11---(11)---/13---(13)--/14/15---| G|--(/9)--(9)--(/11)--(11)--(/13)--(13)--/14/15---| D|----------------------------------------------------| A|----------------------------------------------------| E|----------------------------------------------------| Pre-chorus e|------------------------| B|------------------------| G|------------------------| D|------------------------| A|--2--2-----X------2--2--| E|--0--0-----X---0--0--0--| Anything else besides this is pretty Chorus: much just sliding up or down from the 12th p.m. _ _ _| fret. All the lyrics that I can understand e|--------------------------| is the VERY beginning of the song. B|--------------------------| G|--------------------------| D|--------------------------| I am an Astro Creep A|--2--2--(2)-(2)-(2)-(2)---|
demolition-style E|--0--0---0---0---0---0----| Hell, America's free, yeah