In jazz,jazz rock,fusion,latin,... and probably not only, it is often amazing to see how musicians keep the tempo while the drummer is soloing, and quite often, the drummer plays awkward skills that are too complex to be understood by the other musicians and perhaps by the drummer himself. We talk about free improvisation. The key is the internal tempo for each musician. Practicing in an environment with disturbing rhythms will get you used to it. I call it "Listening Interdependence".

Instructions : whatever the instrument you play, just find a 4/4 groove,riff,melody,or any blues scale,... or just hand clap and try to not get lost during all the drum fills. Tempo = 100 bpm
You'll see how important it is to move your body, like playing the tempo with your foot on the floor. Concentrate on your target !
The crash cymbal

The drums were recorded with the click. You should practice with and without.
audio link for the click version :
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